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This is the Place to be,if you want to see pictures.


And lots of them.


Many pictures include Bees,Insects,Flowers,Gardens and lots of Nature.


And some Historic Surroundings.

Upcycling on My world.


Upcycling can come in all shapes and sizes,it can be anything,what some people call junk,i see it as a new lease of life,with some work,effort and a bit of time,comes the reward.


Lots of things get thrown away these days,and with Television programmes such as The Salvager,Shed & Buried,you can learn and be inspired.


Art and Crafts,i enjoy being creative and the reward comes from having something Beautiful and Functional.

I get some of my inspiration from Nature and Life.


Keep checking back,because their will always be something going on.





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You can see most of the things i have done in my flyers,with info and Contact Deatails.

Flyer 1. Flyer 2. Garden Panter.

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Upcycling,is something i am Passionate about

Why,because you are saving the planet,you learn more about yourself,and you release your creative mind and energy.

Many television programmes are popping up on our screens,and showing us new ways to make use of what we have,such as The Salvager and Shed & Buried,and now another one of my Favourites Money for Nothing,you can learn so much,instead of throwing things away and creating a problem for future generations as well as the present,why not repurpose it for something else.


Below you will see Upcycled projects appearing on the page,and lots of Links to Ebay,just like this one,with Daily Deals,so keep checking back.Blog Other stuff for Sale,Click Here.
















More Projects below from my Blog.

Projects from my Blog i have done many such as Hand Weaving Tools,Coasters,Planters,Tablet Pc Stands and more,you will see my latest projects on my blog and lots more down below showing many Pictures and info.



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Nice Planter box,made from palletts.


Small enough to start your Seedlings,Cuttings and herbs and flowers within your kitchen window and have appeal.

Draw to Cd,Dvd storage Shelf.

Ebay Diy Selection of Tools,Click Here.

DIY Tools,Drills,Hand Tools and More,When it come's to Diy,if i don't have the right tool can't be creative how i want to be,Ebay has everything i need.

A draw converted to a Cd,Dvd storage shelf,to do this i needed a draw(Yep).

The above was to be used as the main shelfves.

It was used original as a sliding rest

that came out from under my desk.

I cut the sliding rest (previous picture) into 2 pieces,and put them in to position,with the help of an old Dvd Case.

Next,drill some pilot holes for the screws to go in,this is so you don't split when securing with the screws.

And here is the result,i chose not to varnish or paint,but to rub some wax on as it was a nice dark tanned colour,i did put some more wax after it dryed,sorry no more pictures.

Draw to a Cd,Dvd Storage Shelf.



It is nice to see the end result,after you have spent time Thinking,Planning and then everything comes together.


We don't need to keep throwing things away,just try and reinvent other ways of using them.


Shelf to Shoe Wrack.

Shelf to Shoe Wrack.

I used an old Shelf to create the Shoe Wrack,and also parts of a Desktop Work Station.


It was fun to build like all my other projects,but more because i was using decorative pieces with curves,which you can see on the left above the crocks,no they don't bite.


Soon i will be decorating the shoe wrack,various colours,unsure of the design at the moment.



Custom Made Arts and Crafts.


Is their something you would like to be Made,please contact for more Details. either by Email,Telephone.



Ebay Crafts,a good place to be,Click Here.


Crafts,Cake,Card making,sewing and More.

It is satisfying to see so many Crafts being made.

Christmas on Ebay,Click Here.


Everything you need for Christmas,all in one place,i enjoy ebay because it is the place to be with uptodate items.


Ebay Christmas,Celebrations and Occasions.


Lots of Supplies for all your occasions,Christmas,Parties,Gift Wrapping Supplies,Cards and More.

School Days,my first attempt at Carpentry,A Cigar Box.

Coasters and Holder,Hand Made.

Stand Width=3.5 inches.Height = under 1 & quarter inch.

School Days,my first attempt at Carpentry.

A Cigar Box,Hand Made.


I'm not sure why i made a Cigar box,i wanted to make at school something that could be used as a decorative piece,and a Cigar Box is something i'm proud of,with it being my first attempt.


I did make several things at school,such as Fully casted metal screw driver,simply the best i have ever used.


Also a Bottle opener made from Mahogany,Kitchen Cupboard,Stool with 3 legs,Snooker Cue,Jewelry Box,Church Cross.

Stand Length = under 4.5 inch.

Coasters and Holder.


Made from Pallets and offcuts of timber.


I have been wanting to make something from Pallets for quite a while now,and after seeing so many types of Coasters on Youtube,which were made in the style of Pallets,i wanted to do something different.


And what i did is not bad.


Very smooth and nicely rounded off edges and with a rustic appearence.


The patterns that you see are naturally from pallets and

each coaster may be different.

I left it natural and it shows that Beach look,which i think compliments the whole package.


Other finishes available for a water resistant seal are :


Natural Finnish and untreated,Bees wax can protect the coasters.


Please Note,not all Patterns will be the same.


Tablet and Mobile Phone Stand,Hand Made.

Coasters:Width = 3inch,Length = 3.5 inch.Depth = 0.5 inch.

Stand Width = under 4.5 inch. Stand Slot = under 0,5 inch.Height = under 1 & quarter inch.

Tablet and Mobile Phone Stand.


Very handy and looks good to,seen quite a few stands on ebay and youtube but nothing like this one,i went with the flow and created a nice rustic and curvey functional stand to suit most mobile Phone and tablets.


Made from Pallets and offcuts,i left the finish of it natural.

untreated,Bees wax can help protect it.


Heart,Hand Made,With Stand or With Out.

Pine Heart Height = 4.5 inches.

Width = 4 & 3/4 inch. Depth = 1/4 inch.



Made from left over Pine,i cut this out with one of the most basic cutting tools you can have,a coping saw.


Very affective,and you have more control over the speed,just the one.


The stand you see propping it up can be versatile as well as a Phone stand.


Their are many more ideas i have for a heart,they will come in the future.



Natural Finnish Untreated,Bees wax can help protect the wood.

Door Wedges,Hand Made.

Length = Just over 4 inches.

Door Wedges Height = 1 & 1/4 inch.

Door Wedges,Hand Made.


Made from Pine.


I enjoyed making these,mainly because i have this project in my head for about a year,so i made 2 of them.


Very smooth,Natural and yes you guest it,Nice rounded of edges.


You could you these as a decorative ornament(really) yes really.


Or a paper weight,or you could stick with old fashioned method of using it as a Door Wedge.


Finish is Natural Wood untreated.


Can be used in the Home,Office,or if you are a handy Do it yourself person,you could use these for Lifting up doors for install,Wedge Projects in place,etc.


Versatile and Good Looking.



Tealight Holder,Hand Made.

Natural Finish Bees Wax.

Height = over 0.5 inch. Length = under 3 inches.

Tealight Holder,Hand Made.


Made from Pine this little beauty when lit up,can be relaxing to watch,with the glow and natural pine patterns and smooth rounded edges.Although it is small,it still holds the standard size Tealight Candle 38mm,and with a slight gap for ventilation to cool down.


The Finish is natural pine,untreated.


Can also be finished in Bees wax,looks good.


Can be used for Medittation by concentrating on the glow for 20-30 mins and this can be relaxing.


Or used as a decorative glowing ornament,that brings you warmth and adds that cosy feel to the room.


Tealight Candle Holder Width = 2.5 inches.

Wood Sign,Hand Made.

Wood Sign,Hand Made.


Made from an old shelf,i sanded the paint to the look i wanted which was rustic and aged.


I did'nt put any finish on it as i thought it would spoil the affect i had.


After i did my words, i sanded down even more but in arranged sanding strokes and different directions,but very gently as not to erase.


My way of showing it off was very basic,just leave it with out any hanging methods.


You could hang it or let it rest against the fire place or even just propped up against any wall or even resting against your front door or where ever you feel happy with.


I chose to write myworld-online.net but you could write anything and be personal and creative.


I have many ideas regarding signs,they will come at a later date.



Wood Sign Height = 10.5 inches.Width = 4.5 inches.Depth = under 1 inch.

Products available on Myworld.


Please Note,due to Materials such as Wood,Upcycled Timber and Offcuts,the Patterns shown in The Pictures above May be Different with the finished Product.




If for any reason you would like a refund,please return items soon as possible,and a full refund will be given,and return Postage paid back to your Account.

Wooden Felt / Crochet Needle.


Wooden Felt Needle

Size in Length is 2.5 inches,and the thickness is the size of about 3 tooth picks.Very easy to use and grab hold of,and recycled from a pallet.They can be made from other material's,but i'm trying to keep costs down.


Finish is Natural Wood.and untreated you could protect it with Bees wax.






Delivery and Prices

Delivery of items can take unto 5 days to be delivered,as soon as they are dispatched a notification Email will be sent.

Delivery is used by The Royal Mail.

Wooden Weaving Tool.


Wooden Weaving Tool,Hand Made.


I have seen people on youtube creating looms,and made from a small cardboard with string,with a step by step guide,so i have created a handy Weaving tool made from pallet.


Easy to use and weave,very light.


Size: Length 10.5 cm,Width over 1 cm,Thickness over 1/4 cm.


Finish is Natural Wood and untreated,you can protect it with Bees wax.



Wooden Mobile Phone Case.

Tea Light Candle Holder,Holds 3 Candles.


Made from a Pallet.and holds 3 Candles.has a natural beach look finish.with rounded of edges.


From the picture's you can see a nice soft warming glow.


Size:Length just over 15.5 cm,Width 7 cm,Depth over 1 cm.



Finish is Natural Wood,you can also protect it with Bees wax.

The Pictures Displayed are examples of what can be Made from recycled wood.







Ornamental Rugby Ball.


Made from Mahogany,Beautiful wood,this was time consuming with perfecting the shape and rounding of the corners,to also give the Ball it's Shape,and then Waxing and Buffering to give it a nice Natural Bees Wax Finish.


A fine whole is drilled,so a rustic Necklace can be created,i like the styles of Aboriginal.



The Finish is Bees Wax in the Picture"s.


You can leave it natural,but the Bees wax does give it a nice sheen to it..




Size: Height 2.5cm,Width over 1.5cm,Length 4cm.




Example of a Rustic Necklace, above,if you have a style in Mind,in which you would like some thing Custom Made, Please Contact Me,with More details.

Wooden Mobile Phone Case.


Made from various types of wood,which includes:






Quality time was spent on the mobile phone case,which involved everything from scratch like all my projects,i put a lot of passion and effort,and i enjoy the rewards.


You will see step by step on my blog at the bottom of the page.



If you would like a custom Designed mobile phone case,please contact me with measurements, Details,Phone Type.



The Picture's you see are for the Iphone 4s.


Size: Length 13cm,Width 8cm,Depth 2.5cm.


Finish of Phone: Clear Varnish.


You could finnish it in the products below,i chose Varnish because of the smooth feel it would give.


Linseed Oil,Danish Oil,Bees Wax.



Wooden Heart.

Small Wooden Chunky Heart.


The Grain and the Natural colour of the wood,compliment the Chunky Heart.


Rounded off edges and smooth to touch.


You can see on my page i like doing hearts,as with all my projects i do,it all comes from Passion,and working with wood.



Finish of Heart,options available are:


Bees Wax,Linseed Oil,Danish Oil,or Natural,you could finnish with any of the above.


Size:4.5 cm Wide,5 cm High,Depth 1.5 cm.





Hand Made/Wooden Box//Shelf,Picture Box.

Natural Look above,and Sage Green Colour Below,i chose sage green because it makes it look softer.

Colours available.


The Colour in the Picture is Sage Green.

Choose your own Colour, to suit your mood if you make one your self.

A beautiful Hand Made Wooden Box/Shelf/Picture Box.


Decorated in the Soft Pastel Colour of Sage Green.


Idela for storing your favourite items to create a picture Box, or your more frequently used items.


As well as being a Picture Box,Shelf or used for Storage,it could even be used on your Work Station and stack them on top of each other,for use in the Office.


Use for around:


1 The Office,easy Stackable Work Storage.


2 The Home,A Picture Box,Kitchen Spice's,Coffee and Tea Storage and More.


3 The Bedroom,for a Bedside Storage,Ornaments,Keepsake's.


4 The Garage or Shed,and Brighten up with Nice Soft Colours,and Brighten up the Space.


And More.


Size of Wooden Box/Shelf,Picture Box.


Length = 12.5 cm/ 5inch.

Width =just over 7cm/ 3 inch.

Height 14 cm/ 5 inch 3/4.

Picture Stands,Hand Made.

Picture Stands,ideal for your Pictures and Quick to replace to suit your Mood and what ever the Wheather.


These can be Custom Made to Suit you.


Showing below is a Canadine Pine Stand and Finished off with Danish oil.

Book Ends and Supports.

Made from Recycled Wood.


I like the way the Grain and Colours show through,and make this a nice piece.


Functional and Decorative.


Wood such as Pine,Pallets.


Wood can show of it's Personality.

Above,a Retro look in showing of Natures colours and Designs,it reminds me of wood and designs of the Seventies of old style Fashionable Furniture.

Arts and Crafts.


More Designs and ideas are shown here,some were made early last year and some recently.

Designs and ideas will keep appearing on this page,with splashes of colour,shape and functionality,i enjoy trying to improve my home,with creativity and make the most of what materials i have,as you can see from all the picture's above,their is a varied style and design,in which i enjoy and share.

Rustic Gate,made from Pallets,and still with the Bark on,the gate has aged slightly in appearance by showing grey,which adds to the appeal of the Gate.

Rustic Picture Nature Shelf.Rustic and Earthy Look,has been created with the above.

I absolutley love the Earthly & Rustic look of the Shelf,it shows of Natures Colours and Highlights the Grains of the Material itself,made from a Pallet,and kept so simple showing of it's design,you could use it for anything such as Personal belongings and Displaying them,or Photos with Personal or Historic life changing Moments.

Desktop Storage.


The Original idea for this was to store Pen's and Pencil's,and then i started to rethink,my Computer Mouse cable was always getting knocked about while on the Desk(wire)so it became the obvious choice.

And because of the Warm Glow,and easy to carry around,very functional to,slip it inside your Pocket and keep Pen's and Pencils on it to,or Rest your Mobile Phone on it,for safe Keeping away from any Coffee Spills.


Love the Warm Glow.

Storage for your Desktop/Office.


Functional and Decorative Storage for either your Pen's,Pencil's or resting your Flash Drive Pen's.

Vey Sooth and Rounded of edge's and a one off Design with the Colours.


The edges on the inside are nicely Fine and sharpness for a clean look..


Functional for Pens,Pencil's,Flash Drive Pen's or anything that requires a Resting Safe storage Place.

Rustic Garden Gate Wedge/very Large or Pet accessory Bridge/Ramp plaything.


What a mouthful(sorry) it can be what ever you would like it to be.



Made from many cuts of a Pallet and Glued and Nailed and sanded smoothly with some curves,i enjoyed the time involved doing mitre cuts and then Clamping everything together.


It was time consuming,but a lot of Fun.




What fun i have making these and in different styles,and it makes having a cups more enjoyable,when they are Handmade from wood and recycled materials.


I will be making some more versions and they will appear on the page.

Project Pictures from MyGallery.



We all need to Recycle.


Instead of buying new items all the time.


Why not try buying used items and save the enviroment.


More and more people are Recycling and Upcycling.


Saving the enviroment is a topic,many of us are passionate about.


We will still need to buy new products,but if you can Resell them or Donate to Charity when they are no longer needed,their will always be a need for them.