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Feed The Birds all Year Round.

Winter Time.


This can be a tough time for Birds,try and feed them a variety of Foods through this time because Winter time can be Harsh for the Birds and Food is Scarce.


Fat Balls have lots of Nutrition and keeps the Birds full of Energy.


How about a Nice Cake,not suitable for us Humans,but the Birds Love it,full of Meal Worms and Good Nutritional Value are ideal not only for Winter but also in the Summer,especial in the Spring when Birds Start Nesting and prepare for the near future with their Young.

Peanut Butter for Birds.


Birds love Peanut Butter and this one is specially made for Birds and with out added Salt.


The Peanut Butter comes in Tubs just like your Normal Peanut Butter that we eat ourselves,what i have done is add some to an old Cocunut after the Birds had eaten it and filled with Peanut Butter.



Birds Love it,because of the Energy Resource and Protein Nutritional Content.

Cleaning Bird Feeders.


Bird Feeders need to be cleaned as much as possible,so that Birds avoid injecting any remains,as this can kill them.


Cleaning with Hot Water and Detergant is good for the feeders.



The Picture on the left has been cleaned with the above and on the right replenished with a mixed Bird Seed.


Geese,a Glorious Day in Southpark,a sight to see and take time out in the Park.

Keep Stocking up with Feeding.


Birds will keep coming back to your Feeding Stations,when they spot all the loverly treats all set out for them.


Bird Seeds are welcomed by all Garden Birds,Such as:


Sunflower Seeds,Millet & Red Dari you can get Mixed Bags of Seeds to cater for all Birds Large and Small and they are not to expensive,starting from a £1.00 upwards from most Shops also Fatballs depending on Pack size also start from a £1.00 upwards.


Watching the Birds are fun and the whole Family can get involved.




Nature Close Up on Bees

Browse below to see a selection of Bees and information about Bees,keep checking back as this page will keep updating.

Some facts about Bees.


Bees,their are

many Types.



Their are over 200

world wide.


Honey Bees BumbleBees Carpenter Bees

Sweat Bees


and lots More.



Queen Bees can lay upto 15000 eggs a day.


Honey Bees make wax,which forms the shape of small hexagons in the Hive.


Male Bees are called Drones.


Their job is to mate with the queens,from other Hives.


Honey Bees can live from 1-10 months.




Honey Bees are in decline,i'm sure you have come across News reports or Articles in the papers and more about Honey Bees struggerling to survive either because of Pesticides going back may years of using them on crops or invasions of other types of bees from other countries.


More and more people are now seeing the benefits of looking after Bees and Hives all over the country.



Bees and a Few Facts.


Some bees,which are tiny,do not sting,Large Drone Bees,which are Males,do not sting,their job is to mate with a fertile Queen.


Female Worker Bees do many jobs such as attend to the queen,cool the nest down by fanning with their wings and go out foraging and to protect the queen,they do have a sting.


Bees with barbed stingers can sting other insects without harming themselves,But with humans,because human skin is more tougher,the bee can die after stinging,by ripping itself apart to break free.


Honey bees when away from the hive foraging,will rarely sting when looking for nectar and pollinating.


Did you know bees are closely related to Wasps and Ants,they can pollinate as well.


For a Bee to fly around the world,it would need about 1 ounce of honey.


.According to The Bible of Beekeeping,a bee can fly about 15 miles per hour,and with out nectar in its stomach,20 miles per hour.


A bee has 2 stomachs,one for eating and one for storing nectar.


A worker bee can make about 1/12 of honey in it's Lifetime.


A bee can live for about 40 Days in the Summertime.


Young bees are not raised in the Winter months,so workers that were born in the Autumn and will live to early spring.







Honey Bees on Lavender.July 2015.

Eryholme,Darlington,Busy Honey Bees on Lavender,July 2015.

A beautiful sunny day,Honey Bees were very busy this year,i think because we let our front garden and side garden flourish with white and pink clover,this attracted lots of bees to the rest of the gardens.


July 2015.


What a sight to see.

Bees for Kids.


Fun Facts about Bees,and honey for your health and how its made and lots more,very interesting.


Bees for Kids Org,Click here.


Bees and Links.

San Diego 200 Kids.


Wow going to the Zoo online and see lots of informative links as well as bees,lots of Nature such as Birds and Bees,Lady Birds and more.


San Diego Link,Click here.


10 Amazing Bee facts.


Did you know that Bees are cold Blooded and can fly around the world on 1 ounce of Honey.

More facts from this colouful website in the style of honey.


10 Amazing Bee Facts Link,Click here.

13 Facts about Bees.


Did you know that their are health Benefits from a Bee sting.


According to mentalfloss,goes on to explain that a Bees sting can help against HIV,by puncturing the structure of HIV.

Also propolis when used from a bee hive,can help with cold sores,Cavities and Eczema and more.


Web Link,Click here.

20 Benefits of Honey


This website really goes into lots of facts and benefits about Honey,very eye catching website and lists 20 benefits of honey.


2o Benefits of Honey,Click here.


My Youtube.

Bluetit Feeding on Fatballs,They Love Them.

My Youtube,has lots of nature video's,from Bees,Thunderstorms,

Waterfalls and more.


All created in a Playlist for you to enjoy,no special equipment was used making them,a mobile phone and a basic computer,and with some of youtube's background music.

More Video's coming soon.

Thunderstorms Eryholme.

Richmond Waterfalls,2015.Gushing of Waves and Waterfalls.

Nature Time Lapse,Dawn Chorus,Birds Feeding,Cheerful Music.

Bird's Feeding on Peanut butter.

Tractor,Eryholme Flood.

Richmondshire Park,Full of Colour.Back Ground Music,Flower Slide Shown.

Silence of Nature,a video of Nature in a Ground Level Time Lapse,Short Video.

Nature & Birds Singing,a nice clear day for nature to Sing.

Eryholme Flood,2013,Near Croft-on-Tees.

2013,this was a time when all over the Country we were experiencing a lot of Floods a time of thought for many people who were having difficulty,God Bless Them.

Bluetits Feeding,Timelapse,Silent Video.

Birds and Nature,they are a good sight to see,and if you like watching them,try and help them in leaving some Bird Seed or Fat Balls,they love them.

Timelapse of Eryholme Clouds,the contrast of dark going into light and blends so well.

Timelapse Movies and the Silence of them can bring Peace to your Busy Mind,you will thank your self for it,enjoy.

Hurworth-on-Tees,Water View,Near Railway.

I love Nature and what it shows off,from Birds Singing in the Morning and Last thing at Night.

Some of the Video's are created in a Time Lapse,some are shot from Waterfalls and Popular Parks like Richmondshire,showing off what Gardners and Landscapers do.


Sometimes people pass by and don't have time to look at Nature,thats the time to take a step back and appreciate everything around you.


Get close to Nature.


Watch some Video's and have a read of Nature info and take time out.

Eryholme Nature and Sky,Birds Singing.

Eryholme Clouds,get lost in the Clouds.

Croft-on-Tees Riverbrook,Listen to the Sounds of Water.

Redcar Beach and Gushing Waves,Golden Sand and a Clear Blue Sky.

Eryholme Nature and Birds Singing.

A lot of my Movies i make are about Nature,i enjoy the Sunshine,Clouds blending into each other and creating a contrast of colours and dark to bright and vice a versa.


A day at the Seaside and Redcar Beach can be a Nice day out,Glorious Sunshine,Golden Sands,and Gushing or Crashing Waves.


The Sea Air is a pleasure to fill your Lungs with and a change of Scenery,Good for the Soul.

More Youtube Video's will keep Coming,so keep checking Back.If you Like my Youtube Channel Video's above,Please Subscribe to see More.









Geese in Southpark,time to watch Nature and take time out.

Watching Nature you can Learn More about your self,Time to Reflect.


My Gallery.


My Gallery has lot's of Picture's .


Everything in Nature from:







Sun,Sky and Nice Scenery.

My Gallery.

My Gallery has all these Beautiful Picture's in and More.

My Gallery.


All the Beautiful Picture's you see on My World are all in My Gallery.


Their are over 2,000 Picture's.


Such Bird's,Bee's,Waterfall's,Flower's and More.


The Picture's are of good qualityand size's are upto 3mb,they do vary.


I have spent many years taking Picture's,i enjoy what i do and want to share everything on My World.


My World aim's to show off Picture's and Video's.


If you like what you see on My World, keep checking back for More Updates


This will help to keep Producing Beautiful Picture's and Content.


Thank You in advance.

Nature and Insects,they come in all shapes and sizes,they perform an essential role in keeping the planet ticking over,Beetles,Fly's,Spiders and Bees,also all our woodland animals and wildlife.

Garden Birds,Quality Time.

Hows this for a Rustic Bird Table.


I have been busy with feeding Garden Birds and even more now that winter has approached us.


Bird feed such as Bird Seed,with many varieties of seeds included to attract different species of Birds,also Coconut,Fat Balls.


When you watch the Birds it is a time for enjoying Nature and what we have around us.

Blue Tits,Feeding on Bird Seed.

A beautiful Robin showing it's familiar Bright Red Chest and with Pride.

Blue Tits,wow just take a look at their colours and how vibrant they are and they have character just like all the Birds that come to your Garden looking for food,winter time is the time to really help these Beautiful Birds of Nature.


Take a look on the right and see them in the Video with other types of Birds and watch how they eat,Move and Fly.

Robin showing it's Beautiful Colour and Cuteness and while in Flight.

I love taking Photo's of Nature and enjoyed very much taking the photo's here,it is time for patience if you want some nice pictures and thats the fun of seeing them when you take a look at the results of setting up your Camera.


I have also took many Picture's of Nature which also includes Flowers and Waterfalls,Timelapse video's of Clouds and they will still keep coming.


Stay Tuned for More.

Plenty of Bird Seed,Coconut Shell and Fat Balls and Meal Worms keeps these Beautiful Birds going through Hard e times.


Garden Birds will eat the bird seed within a couple of days,so best to replemish them,as soon as you can.



To watch them feed is like having your own Wildlife Tv through the window

Branching out.

Natural Home for Insect's.

Nature Connecting with each other.


Trees not only take care of the Birds,Squirrels and insects,they also act as a natural sound barrier and block intrusive noise.

Take A Walk With Nature.


Sunshine and a Clear Blue Sky.


Walking is good for you,it helps clear your mind and decrease's stress.


Walking can help improve oxygen to the Brain as well as improve Focus and Concentration.


Nature,It's a good way of getting out and improving your yourself and learn about your self as well as seeing and enjoying Nature.


While you are out take a camera with you and the Family and enjoy taking Picture's to show and share with all your Friends and Family.


Picture's can enhance your Mood especially in the Winter Months.


A Brisk Walk of Ten Minutes each day can help you and improve your Fitness.

Reach for the Sky.

Get out and about and breath in some fresh air.



Winter time can show off nature even though their is not a lot of growth going on.



You can gaze into the trees and see a clear sky from time to time and see all the bare branches of trees almost connecting with one another.


When the day comes to an end you can catch a nice glow from above with added warmth.

Glowing and Warmth,you can't help feel a little tranquil and at peace with yourself when you gaze towards the Sky and see Picture's like these.



We all need to Recycle.


Instead of buying new items all the time.


Why not try buying used items and save the enviroment.


More and more people are Recycling and Upcycling.


Saving the enviroment is a topic,many of us are passionate about.


We will still need to buy new products,but if you can Resell them or Donate to Charity when they are no longer needed,their will always be a need for them.