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Myworld shows of Nature,Crafts,Art and Computer Weblinks and Tech info. Pictures,Upcycling,Blogging and whats happening at the moment.

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My Gallery.


This is the Place to be,if you want to see pictures.


And lots of them.


Many pictures include Bees,Insects,Flowers,Gardens and lots of Nature.


And some Historic Surroundings.

What's Happening on Myworld-online.net. Some Pages have been Merged which include's Bee's,Flower's,Sky and My Youtube.


New on Myworld: Art on Myworld,Download My Custom Art,Buy online and Download Instantly,More Coming Soon.

Whats on MyWorld

Whats on Myworld.


My Blog,Gallery,Twitter and Facebook,Youtube.


These are are all here to enjoy,i take lots of pictures,write Articles and occasional put a video together.


All Pictures are free to download in MyGallery link.


You will see lots of picture's from Nature,Projects,Places visited and more.


On myworld it is all about sharing,Helping,and informing everyone about something of interest.


My Hobbies are Computers,Photography,Nature Arts and Crafts and writing.


On MyWorld you will see Web Links,and informative Articles.

Nature you can see more Pictures and Video's,Click here.


On the right a Nice Bee.

Or you Can See My Shop Right Here on My Nature Page Or Upcycling Page.

Nice Art,Lets Shop for Nature & Colour.


Beautiful Prints available from Nice Art.


These will keep updating on Nice Art with different themes such as Flower's,Waterfalls,Bee's and Sunshine covered Trees and Landscapes and Sky filled moments of clouds and sun and lots of colours going on.


At the moment you can see prints and mugs,but soon their will be handmade craft's available.



You can Download some Prints or you can buy A4 Print all available to buy with most payment options.


All Prints are Printed on Gloss or Matt and come protected in a Hard Cardboard Envelope.

Nature Art and Colour.


Beautiful Picture's just right for hanging in your Home and Adding some Nature to your Life.


Flowers from Richmond,Gushing Water and Closeup on Croft-on-Tees and Closeup on our Buzzing Friends the Honey Bee and a Golden Coloured Flower.


Love Nature Art and Colour,Click Here to Buy Some Prints from my Shop.



MyWorld Blog.

Myworld Online.net Blog,


If you like Crafting,Nature,Cooking,Art,Sewing and Life,you willows me posting about everything that inspires Creativity.


Alot of the time i will make things that i need rather than go down to the shops and buy something,their are times when i need something to make something,which is natural.


On my world you can see a lot of the projects,art,Crafts and lots of Links to useful information,i enjoy showing and sharing to everyone who may benefit.


I hope you enjoy everything on my world and Please help to share if you like what you see.


Please Like or Suscribe to Facebook or Youtube or even both,thank you for your support.



Custom Art,Buy and Download For £0.60p.

Clck here.

Projects,Crafts Blog Links.


If you like Handmade and Crafting,you may find the Web Links to My Blog Informative.


Their are lots of Crafting join on all over the Web and you can be Inspired and Motivated to be Creative.


I like Crafting and Creating and the Reward comes from seeing the end result of all your Work and Efforts from ideas that have been Bursting to get out and Take Place with Pride in the Home.


Please Enjoy and be Inspired with the Many Links on this page and Bllog links.


Enjoy and Spread the Word with everything that makes you feel Inspired and Motivated.


Door Wedges,Colour,Shape and Finish.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post220


Handmade Table Saw Push Stick.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post218


Handmade Door Wedges.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post217


Garden Frames/Pet Run.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post215


Custom Candle Stick Holder.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post213


Handheld Weaving Loom Tools.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post210


Handmade,Plant,Garden Stand/Drinks Coaster,Danish Oil Finish,Rustic Look.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post209


Wooden Crochet Hook,Needle.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post208


Wooden,Handmade and Carved,Garden Dibbers.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post207


Crate/Storage Box,Very Rustic & Natural.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post200


Upcycled From a Pallet.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post193


Wooden Desk Top Storage.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post192


Book Ends.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post191


Picture Stands,Handmade.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post189


Tealight Holders,Very Rustic,Hand Carved,Step by Step.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post187


Wooden Coasters.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post186


Wooden Box Cube,Step by Step.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post185


Small Chunky Wooden Heart.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post183


Rugby Ball,Hand Made,Step by Step.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post182


Tealight Candle Holder,Step by Step.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post180


Felt Weaving Tools.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post179


Wooden Mobile Phone Case,Step by Step.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post178


New Wooden Rustic Gate,Handmade from Pallets.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post150


Handmade Custom Sign With Hanger.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post136


Custom Wood Sign.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post135


Handmade Tealight Holder.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post128


Handmade Heart,Door Wedges.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post127


Tablet and Mobile Phone Stand.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post125


Handmade Coasters,Recycled Materials.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post124


Planter Window Box.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post111


Wooden Box,When i Was a Lad,School Days.https://myblog.myworld-online.netm/#post64


Upcycling Shelf to Shoe Rack.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post59


Upcycling Draw to Shelf,Step By Step.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post25




Their are More Blog Links Further Down the Page,Most are Linked to My Blog,and Some Links are external Web Links to Some Recommended Websites Such as:


How to Geek,Lifehacker,Facebook Plugin's,Office Software,DIY and More,they will keep updating.

















Arts and Crafts Made by Myworld-Online.Net,Feel inspired and like to create things your self.


Get inspired by MyWorld-online.net and Youtube,Check out Twitter below for My Liked Videos.


Anyone can learn and create and you get satisfaction from Creating your own Products and Homely Crafts.

Please Note,Some Designs have been Removed to make room,if you would like some of the print's here,please contact for more info.

Mugs,Colour and Nature.


Take a look at these Mugs,full of Colour and Nature.


Colour and Nature can enhance your wellbeing and how you feel in your self,Colour is very powerful and stimulates the mind and affects our mood,what better way than to have some Colour in your life Daily,you can take these Nize Sized Mugs anywhere and Drink anywhere and enjoy them.

You Can Download the Designs Showen here and Print off your Own mugs for a Nice Price of £0.60p and Receive the Download Staightaway.Click Here For Downloads to Buy.

Grab Some Nature in your Life with this Colourful Mug of Flower Power.

Buy This Flower Power Mug for £10.50 includes Postage.

Grab this Zingy and Vibrant Mug and add a Morning Splash of Colour,Custom Deligned.

Buy This Zingy Vibrant Mug for £10.50 includes Postage.

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Please Share & Like MyWorld,Spread The Word,the more People know whats happening the Better,More Content will keep Coming.

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Web Links and Blog Links.

Shopping Online & More.

Start Crafting Today.

Ebay is one of the best places to visit in my expereince when it comes to buying.


You can pay with a Credit Card and you Can also use Paypal with it's Guarenteed Payment Protection.

Gallery Art and Craft Slide Show.

I have made many Art and Crafts,and sold some on Ebay as well.


I enjoy creating something from nothing,and can be Beautiful and Functional.


All Handmade,and sometimes a spur of the moment creation.


These are a selection,of things made,you can see more info and more handmade Crafts,either on

Ebay which you can buy,or Email me for anything crafted on Myworld.


See my Upcycling Page for More Crafted Item's.

40 Places to Sell Crafts,Dream Home Based Work.


Has lots very useful links to many online websites to sell crafts.Some of them you will know such as Etsy and Ebay,Amazon their are lots more to choose from.This is an exhaustive webpage of great content,you wont be disapointed.


Take a look by Clicking Here.40 Places to Sell Crafts.

Picture/Photo,Note Stands.

Coaster/Plant Stands,x4.


Contact,Please Use the Box Below,Ask any Question.

Garden Frames all Nature Friendly with the finish,handy for putting together for a Pet Run,Various Sizes.

My Twitter,Social Media.


I do alot of tweets,Articles and Like youtube Videos,which all can be seen on Twitter,when you watch some of the videos,they can be inspirational,Helpful and Fun,that's what i enjoy about Youtube,occasionally i will create and upload a video to Youtube.


Tweeting is a good way to get your Message across,and a lot of my tweets are passed on from Youtube,Facebook,Social Media is a good way to Communicate and is fun.

Tme to Shop.Who likes to Shop on Ebay.


If you like Shopping online,then here are a Selection of Ebay Products,take a look around the Website and you will find More Ebay Links to Great Products.


I like Ebay,i search Regular looking for Bargains in Gadgets and Tech,as well as Handmade items for the Home,even though i make a lot of handmade Products myself,i like to see whats new and Inspirational and on Trend.


Argos on Ebay.


Argos is one of the Iconic Stores on the High Street and on Ebay,this makes shopping with Argos a lot more attractive if you like to shop online.



Betterware on Ebay.


Betterware well known for their Products such as Tupperware,Cleaning,Handy Aids,Celebrations and Gifts and More.

Ebay Stores.


Ebays Link to all their Searchable Shops or Items.


You can Search for all Products here.

Motorbike Bike Muffs on Ebay.

Keep Your hands Warm with a Variety of Detachable Bike Muffs.

I bought Some off Ebay 3 Years ago and still look after Me.

Youtube Video's.

Ebay Daily Deals.


Everyday Ebays Products are Displayed and Shown in a Eye Catching Way to Show you Their Daily Deals,Keep Checking back with this Link.

Nature Time Lapse with Blue tits Feeding and Cheerful Music,More Video's on my Nature Page.

Click Here.

My Youtube Video's.


These are all about Nature,such as Bees,Birds and Waterfalls and More,i enjoy making Youtube Video's knowing that someone will watch and enjoy them.

We feed Wild Birds with Fatballs and Seeds,and it is Great to see a Variety of Birds in the Winter Months ahead.



My Video's on Youtube Consist of:


Waterfalls,Flowers,Bees and Birds.

And the occassional video of Farmlife and Thunderstorms.More Video's on My Nature Page,Click here and Scroll down the Page.

Like Ebay and Shopping Online,Click Here to See Ebay's Daily Deals,These Change Every Day,So keep Checking Back For More Uptodate Deals

Blogging and Links.

Here are a selection of my Blog Links,they are full of information and Articles,they can lead you to more resources that you may find useful.


I write Articles and upload Weblinks to Health,Computers and everyday useful information.

If you find something useful please either Like My Page,or Drop me a Comment in the Box at the Top of the Screen,Thank you for Visiting My World,More Updates Coming Soon and More Blog Post Links.

Computers,Tech & Info.


Speed Test for Your Broadband.




Linux,Unix Operating Systems.




Ofcom Broadband Speed Checker,Your Area.




Broadband Speed,Browser Based.




Power Pc's,Can i use Them.




Rootkits and Malware.




Pc World & 112 Popular Downloads.




Browsers,Firefox v Chrome.




Antivirus You Need One.




Rootkits and How to Remove Them.




Broadband Slow With Your Provider.




Cybercrime,What to Do if You Are A Victim.




Build Your Own Computer.




Update Your Computer.




Computer Problems,Be Prepared.




Secure Data Wiping.https://myblog.myworld-online.net/#post61


Secure Your Mobile Phone/Selling.




Gadgets and Gadget Tv Shows.





The Internet.




What is Linux.






Mobile Phones and Your Rights.




Scam Alert.




Website Scamming & Fraudluent Sites,What to Look out For




Debt Management.




Energy Prepayment Points.




Action Fraud & Cybercrime.




Online Shopping With Supermarkets,Auctions and Compare.


Prices at the time were correct,May have Changed.



Everyday Help.

More Great Links to External Websites,These are great for info On Life,Gadgets and Tech and DIY,Embedding Content and More.

How to Geek,Great For Gadgets and The Home,Full of The Latest Tech.


How to Geek has been offering good informative articles,showing nice displayed pictures and factual content.How to Geek has lots of content from Gadgets to Diy with Table saws.Click the link.knowledge is key.

To see more click the Link How to Geek Link.

Facebook Signup and Developer Page/Embed Facebook.


Ever wondered how Facebook Posts,Pictures,Video's and Instagram are embeded into Websites.

First you need a Facebook Account Signup Here.


And then goto Facebook Developers Plugins Website for lots of Useful Embedding,Click here.




A great website full of info on Gadgets,Social Media,iInsurance and Life in General.


Life Hacker Link.

One.Com Web Hosting.


I have been using One.com for about 4 years now and everything works great,Customer Service,One.com's own Web builder works great with nice templates,and 25 Gig Storage Space and Email Addresses and lots more. Highly Recommend One.com


Diy and The Ultimate Hanydman.


A great website for learning skills in Decking,Electrics,Insulation and More,Click here for the website.

Broadband Speed Test By Which Magazine.



Speed Test for your Broadband.


Looking for a speed test for your broadband,check out the broadspeed Speed test from Which Magazine,lots of info on your speed.The Speed test is very easy to use by clicking the link.

This will take you to Which Magazine's own Website for the Speed Test.

Open Office Free Software Download.


Open Office is a great free Office Suite and is compatible with Microsoft Office Files.

The Link Will take you to Openoffice Website.


You Can create:


Word Documents,Excel Files,Presentatios,Draw and insert Files into your Docs,Create PDF files and More,Click Here to Download.

More Blog Links Coming Soon.

Health and Fitness Blog Links.


Skills For Care.




Diabetes Type 2 Reversal.




Dementia and Alzheimers Helpful Web Links.




Isochronic Tones,Music For The Mind.




Dark Chocolate and its Benefits.




Health,Sinus,Problems and Remedy's.




Tips on improving your Memory and Stress.



Time to Doodle.

A day at the Seaside,if you like the Sea Air,Waves Crashing,sit back and take time out and Watch the Video,Click here for More and scroll down the Nature Page.


My Nature Video's include:


Bee's,Birds,Waterfalls,Flowers and Parks.


Also on my Nature Page are Pictures of Birds and Bees,lots more coming soon.



Time to Doodle.


First time effort on Doodling or Drawing.



Nature is a favourite of mine,so i thought i would start with some Colour and Nature.



Colour can brighten your day and improve your mood and make you feel good about your self.


What do you think,send me your comments on any tips you have and i will post them on my website and Blog.






We all need to Recycle.


Instead of buying new items all the time.


Why not try buying used items and save the enviroment.


More and more people are Recycling and Upcycling.


Saving the enviroment is a topic,many of us are passionate about.


We will still need to buy new products,but if you can Resell them or Donate to Charity when they are no longer needed,their will always be a need for them.